Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Party

Hey Penguins,

Only 4 more days till the Christmas Party starts and everyone is super excited about it. In my last post I talked about CPI's party well it's now over but Thinknoodles did a video which I will show you but first here's the info ...

Servers: Icicle + Icebound + Iceland
Time: 10am - 11:30am Penguin Time (1pm US Eastern Time, 6pm British Summer Time)
0:00-10:15 – Beach
10:15-10:30 – Dock
10:30-10:45 – Town
10:45-11:00 – Snow Forts
11:00-11:15 – Stadium
11:15-11:30 – Iceberg
11:30+ – (After party in Think’s igloo?)
104 x 7-day Club Penguin Membership Codes
6 x 1-month Club Penguin Membership Codes
2 x 6-month Membership Codes
5 Treasure Book Codes
Activities: Dancing, chatting, snowball fights, parade.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Welcome To Club Penguin Outsiders

Hey CPO,
Ready to start the Christmas Holidays with some action packed fun because coming on the 20th December to Janurary 2 is the Christmas Party which everyone is really excited about and have you heard that CPI 's 1st Birthday is this Saturday so there's going to be so much cool stuff to do their, I'll give more info in my next post.
Waddle On!